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“I am writing to let you know that I noticed one of your support workers caring for a client in the community last week. The gentleman stood out… not for any bad reasons, as so many support company people do. This gentleman was exactly that. This support worker was helping his client in the Ipswich Library to try to use the computers. The support worker had his hands full with the client, and yet he did not drop a bead of sweat. The worker was extremely professional in the situation and I feel that he needs to be commended for his work. I asked the gentleman for his card and he gave me the company who he works for. I see so many people, so called, being supported in our community and your company’s workers are actually giving quality of life to their clients.  Unfortunately, I do not have this particular gentleman’s name he was too busy with his support client. Wonderful to see the worker not just sitting a client at a shopping center and then spending the day playing on their phone and ignoring the client. Good work ”

We would like to thank the anonymous person who sent us in the feedback on our staff out in the community. Your very kind words put a smile on our face, as what you describe is exactly what we would like to be known for, thank you.

It is very nice to be recognized for doing a good job. We are very proud of all our staff and the job they do for their clients and their employer and for the pride they display in working in the community, without great staff, we would not be in a position to offer our clients the services we are so proud to offer.

Well done team, keep up the great work, and know that what you are doing does not go unnoticed in our community.

Matt and Rachel

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