Dinner & Rugby Game

Here is our first blog at HHSSI to give you an inside look into how we support our clients to explore rich social experiences.

Activities: Had dinner out and went to Suncorp to watch a rugby league game.

We drove to Richlands train station to catch a train to the game, the whole car ride there he was so excited to watch the game!

Your team doesn’t have to win, for it to be a great night! Dinner out and a great atmosphere made this a special memory.

When we arrived to the game, we walked around the stadium and got something to eat while waiting for the game to start. First half of the game was really close, he loved every bit of it and was so competitive during the game. Second half of the game, we sat somewhere closer to the field to enjoy the game more. Second half didn’t go the way he wanted but he was just so happy he went. 

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